Grocery Stores


There are five major grocery stores in St. Kitts:

  • Best Buy
    Camps location (with Deli and Department Store), 466-7468
    Bird Rock location (with Deli), 466-9499
  • Rams Supermarket
    Bird Rock Road location (with Deli), 466-6065
    Sugar Bay Club location, 465-8027 
  • Valu-Mart - IGA (with pharmacy and deli)
    Wellington Road
  • C&C Superfoods (two locations)
    Bay Road & George Street
    466 5171
  • Kings Pavilion
    Sprott Street

Fresh produce is available along with many poultry and fish options. Fresh red meat is not always readily available and can be expensive. There are many vegetarian grocery items as well. Ross University also has arrangements with local producers for vegetables, fruits, eggs, and Grade A Angus beef which is be sold on campus every Wednesday.

Household & Personal Items

There are many places in downtown Basseterre that stock a variety of household items. Fans, Rubbermaid products, cooking items, hangers, shower curtains, linens, towels, etc., may be found in these stores. These stores include: 

  • Horsford’s Hardware Store
    (behind Valu-Mart IGA)
  • Horsford’s Home Valu
    West Independence Square
  • TDC Home & Building Depot
    Frigate Bay Road
  • Kassab’s Hardware (plastics store)
    Liverpool Row
  • F. Abourizk Department Store
    Central Street
  • Karibhana (adult, child, and household)
    Liverpool Row
  • Best Buy Supermarket

Buying large ticket items before you arrive in St. Kitts and shipping or bringing them with you may be more cost effective. We suggest packing a semester's supply of personal hygiene products/toiletries, your own personal linens, towels, and school supplies including binders, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, etc. We also recommend bringing your own cutlery, shower curtains, bath mats, alarm clocks with a back up battery, flashlights, and desk lamp. While packing, please leave behind any Army-style clothing such as camouflage pants, hats, jackets, etc. These are restricted items and will be confiscated by customs.