Personal Content Insurance

Please make sure you insure your personal valuables. This might include your PC, cameras, and whatever else you deem to be valuable. If you have insurance at home, check to see if the coverage extends to your residence outside of the country. In the case where you need to purchase this insurance locally.

In order to acquire personal insurance, SNIC the only insurance company that covers personal valuables.


Medical Insurance Coverage

Medical insurance coverage is not optional when attending University in St. Kitts. It is a requirement. Your choice of insurance company must be able to offer coverage outside the United States 

We highly recommend that spouses and children who will be accompanying you either subscribe for Insurance policy. It is recommended that significant others and fiancés are medically covered with private medical insurance while on the island.


Things you need to know about your health insurance on Saint Kitts:

  • There are no doctors, hospitals, or pharmacies that are contracted with any insurance company. This means that all services must be paid for with cash, check, or credit card.
  • A doctor's office visit requires payment at the end of the visit.
  • Laboratory tests, x-rays, etc. must be paid for in advance, whether done in the hospital or at the laboratory located in town.
  • Elective hospital admissions require a deposit for a five day stay (usually about 1250EC). The hospital also requires at additonal charges to be paid upon discharge. As in North America, special tests, x-rays, etc are charged separately.
  • Your policy has a 250US yearly deductible which means that you should submit all claims for doctors' visits. After your deductible has been met you will be reimbursed for any additional charges as long as they are covered under your policy.